Endorser Spotlight: NAMI North Carolina


In our next endorser spotlight, we're featuring NAMI North Carolina. We're proud to support their efforts in helping patients affected by mental illness, and in raising awareness about mental health.

NAMI North Carolina's mission is to promote recovery and optimize the quality of life for those affected by mental illness. By educating and supporting patients, their families and friends, and healthcare professionals, NAMI North Carolina promotes a meaningful, community-focused approach to mental illness. NAMI North Carolina is part of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a grassroots organization dedicated to supporting and advocating for the millions of Americans impacted by mental illness. The North Carolina chapter has 36 affiliates throughout the state, and provides services to people of all ages. NAMI North Carolina was also the first state NAMI chapter to meet the national association's Standards of Excellence, a list of values, strategies, and best practices that ensure the organization is fully equipped to support individuals and families affected by mental illness.

NAMI recognizes that promoting regulatory efficiency and consistency at the FDA is key to supporting the biopharmaceutical research that results in new, effective medicines for patients with mental illness or other diseases. PDUFA V sets new performance goals and incorporates enhanced benefit-risk assessment tools in order to make the drug review process more timely and transparent, ensuring that patients have faster access to breakthrough drugs that could drastically improve their quality of life. In addition, NAMI was one of the patient organizations involved in discussions with the FDA and industry to develop the PDUFA V technical letter, which we believe should be the foundation for PDUFA V's reauthorization.

We strongly believe that the reauthorization of PDUFA V is essential to providing patients with access to safe and effective new medicines, and to ensuring that the United States continues to lead the world in the development of innovative cures and treatments. We would love to have your support as we urge Congress to reauthorize a clean PDUFA V in a timely manner.