President Obama Signs PDUFA Into Law

We are thrilled to announce that President Obama today signed the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act into law and reauthorized PDUFA for another five years. This momentous action is the culmination of close to two years of work by the FDA, the biopharmaceutical industry and patient advocates to reach a bipartisan, compromise framework for the next five years of new drug review in the United States. By signing PDUFA V into law in July, the President ensures the successful PDUFA program will continue on schedule, the FDA will be properly funded, and patients will have access to new, safe and effective medicines. We applaud Congress and the President for their quick action on this critical legislation.

More importantly, we want to thank our partners and supporters from across the country for their support of CMM and their help in advocating for a quick passage of a clean PDUFA. Together, our voice was stronger, and together we were able to help shape the policy and the legislative process.

Lilly launched CMM as a digital advocacy platform over a year ago with a focus on passage of a clean PDUFA. Our challenge: could we find people across the country who were interested in an esoteric issue like PDUFA, engage with them online and off, and work together to advocate policy makers? Could Lilly build a nationwide community that shared our beliefs on health policies like PDUFA and change the conversation? After PDUFA's passage today, we believe we were successful. But we're not done.

Today, we're proud to announce that CMM is expanding and refining our mission. Our work to support policies that ensure patients have access to new, safe medicines now and in the future doesn't end with PDUFA. With critical health care issues on the horizon like entitlement reform, FDA reform, and states' handling of dual-eligibles, CMM will be on the forefront -- building a bigger community of partners interested in these issues and more and advocating to policy makers at the right times.

As we saw with PDUFA, together we can make a difference. We look forward to working with you over the next months and years to do more. Explore our new website and read about some of the issues we'll be working on. Thank you for your help. We look forward to more.