CMM Moves Forward

Recently representatives from the Campaign spent five days in Las Vegas at the annual National Council of La Raza conference. The first two days held a first ever NCLR Health Summit where individuals from across the country met to discuss health care issues that are impacting the communities they serve. There, we met incredible people who are leading voices in local and state advocacy. In our discussions, we were reminded of the scope of health care policies that are impacting individuals across the country. The conference and our discussions there was timely. Although PDUFA V was signed into law on July 9th, we knew our work was not over. This is why CMM has expanded its scope to advocate on a wide range of health policies necessary to ensure individuals have access to the safe, effective, and breakthrough medicines of today and tomorrow. Quickly passing a clean PDUFA was a huge milestone for patients, but there are many more policies that will have just as big an impact.

Over the next months and years, CMM will continue to build a community of partners who share our beliefs and support our updated mission. As policies that impact our mission come up on the state and federal level, we will work with you to ensure policymakers make the right decisions for patients. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about some of the issues we'll be focusing on. In the next weeks we'll be describing these in more detail. To each of our supporters, we look forward to our continued partnership and thank you for your work already.