Health Insurance Marketplaces Open in One Month

The Affordable Care Act is about to hit another big milestone: health insurance marketplaces open for enrollment in less than a month! From October 1 until March 31, 2014, individuals and families across the country will be able to pick and choose a health insurance plan from their state or federal marketplace.

Throughout the summer, state and federal governments have ramped up their efforts to educate people about their options in the marketplaces. For example, the state of California recently produced this video to introduce its marketplace, Covered California:

Meanwhile, Healthcare.Gov, recently relaunched in both English and Spanish, is the federal government's official home for all information related to the marketplaces. If your state has a federally-run marketplace, you'll also use Healthcare.Gov to browse through plans and choose one.

Wondering what kind of marketplace is taking shape in your state? Click through our map below (and don't forget to check out the glossary if you have questions).