Celebrating Patriotic Policies


On top of the red, white, and blue, a large part of what makes our nation great are the public policies we have in place to keep people healthy. With 39 million American seniors benefitting from prescription coverage under Medicare Part D, the program shines as one example of a truly American public policy.

Of all Medicare Part D beneficiaries, nearly 90% say they're satisfied with their prescription coverage. And for the 9 in 10 older Americans between 65 and 74 who live with at least one chronic condition, Part D coverage remains essential to helping them access the medicines they need to manage their health.

Part D does more than keep Americans healthy; it also helps saves them money. Thanks to the program, Medicare beneficiaries save an average of $30 a month on out-of-pocket prescription costs. And these savings for seniors result in major savings for our nation-- in fact, Part D saves the Medicare program over $12 billion a year.

As Americans all across the country enjoy this Fourth of July, don't forget to celebrate the critical role public policies play in granting Americans access to the medicines they need to stay healthy. By making it easier for seniors to stick to their medication plans, Part D helps America's golden generation enjoy more holidays filled with laughter, family picnics, and fireworks to come.