Find Out What Seniors Say About Medicare Part D


The results are in-- for the ninth year in a row, an overwhelming majority of older Americans agree that Medicare Part D works! Last week, Medicare Today released its ninth annual survey assessing seniors' opinions about Medicare prescription coverage. The study concluded that nearly 9 in 10 older Americans with Part D believe the program continues to deliver on its promise of giving them affordable access to the medicines they need.

So what makes Medicare Part D such a widely-supported, effective public policy? For starters, it protects your health - and your pocketbook. Without Part D coverage, an astounding 67% of beneficiaries say that filling their prescriptions would pose a challenge, and 62% went on to say they might cut their prescription intake back or stop taking their medicine altogether were it not for Part D. Thanks to the savings provided by Part D, seniors can stick to their doctor-administered prescription plans and stay healthier, longer.

Seniors' satisfaction with Part D goes beyond its financial impact. 95% of seniors say the legislation gives them peace of mind because they know they have coverage when they need it most.

One beneficiary summed up the merits of Part D simply: "I get what I need, when I need it, and it doesn't cost a lot." More than a decade after its implementation, Medicare Part D continues to deliver results and keep our nation's seniors happy and healthy.


i still have to work to pay for my med s one med costs 230 and i have to pay 110for 1 month. I have to pay 400 a month for med even after insurance. I don't think you got a true result.
i dint think $700.00 a month which i was quoted is affordable