Expansion to Medicare Part D

Over the last few months, with your help, we have built a leading coalition of individuals, advocacy organizations, and businesses who believe patients deserve timely access to breakthrough medicines, and that the U.S. should be the global leader in discovering and delivering these new, lifesaving cures and treatments.

Many of you have joined the campaign in support to our effort to urge Congress to pass the upcoming PDUFA re-authorization without any unnecessary and costly new requirements to the FDA.

PDUFA remains a top priority for us at CMM. It is one we all are very focused on, and we are grateful for your interest and efforts. However, as many of you know, our campaign's mission is broader than a single issue, and right now Congress, via the "super committee" formed for deficit reduction, is considering changes to the Medicare prescription drug program (Part D) that would greatly harm older Americans by increasing their Medicare premiums by up to 40%.

This proposal would increase costs to beneficiaries, many of whom cannot afford it in these tough economic times. The changes would also limit patient access to medicines, cost jobs, and stunt innovation by making a drastic change to how the successful Medicare Part D program operates. This program is not only successful, with over 80% of enrollees happy with it, but also has already cost 41% less than originally estimated.

It is pretty clear that these changes threaten our mission to assure access and innovation, and we have therefore decided that protecting Medicare for older Americans represents a critical expansion for our campaign.

Now, we know that many of you joined our campaign to support our efforts on the PDUFA re-authorization. To be clear: in no way do we take your help on PDUFA as an endorsement for our policy or positions or work on Part D (or any other issue we might undertake). All of our materials, including the CMM website, have been updated to clearly show that you have signed on to support the effort on PDUFA, and nothing else. That said, if you also agree with the Campaign's position on other issues, we hope you will join that effort too. Or, if you have issues yourself that you feel fall into the mission of CMM, we would love to hear those as well.

But you can be confident the Campaign will never imply your support for any issue you have not explicitly endorsed, and we will also do our best to respect your time and interests and not clutter your inbox about issues that are not of importance to you.

As always, thank you for all of your time, energy, and effort. We look forward to working with you in the days and months ahead.