Mobilegeddon - Are You Prepared?

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Are you reading this blog on your phone?

Last summer, Americans spent 60% of their Internet browsing time on smartphones or tablets. In April, Google began ranking sites on their mobile-readiness. Although the impact has been minimal so far, many believe this is just the beginning. Bottom line: If you want your organization to show up in a Google search, you can't ignore the "Mobilegeddon."

Wondering how you can make sure you're prepared? Read on:

Are You Responsive?

A few years back, when people realized that their audiences were visiting their sites on non-desktop devices, the trend was to design a "mobile site." With mobile - web designers created versions of a website that could ONLY be viewed on smartphones and tablets, meaning they had to make multiple versions of the same site. Now things have changed. Responsive design is the latest trend in web development and it means making a website adapt to the width of the viewer's browser. No more headaches from changing screen sizes! For smaller organizations, a well-designed responsive site should make your life a lot easier, and could boost your SEO.

There's An App For That

Apps spearheaded the growth of mobile usage. In fact, app usage makes up 52% of total digital media engagement. A mobile app can provide the same capabilities as a responsive site, with the promise of more personalization, interactivity, and potentially a better user experience. From collecting donations to educating the public about your cause, an app can make a huge difference in your campaign.

People Still Use Email - On Their Phones

One big thing to keep in mind when preparing to communicate with your advocates on their mobile devices: email. In Q3 2014, 49% of all emails were read on mobile. Are your email templates mobile-ready? If not, a couple of simple steps will help you out:

  • Make your fonts appear large enough to be easy to read on mobile devices.
  • Much like how mobile-responsive websites work, mobile emails must be formatted so that your content fits the platform the email is displayed upon. There are plenty of free templates that will do this for you.
  • Sending emails to direct readers to your website or asking them to sign a petition? A good mobile email makes taking action quick and easy with touch-friendly buttons.

Tests Aren't Just For School

Once you've got your mobile-friendly choice made, make sure you test the user experience. This means visiting your site's homepage, your donation forms, email signups, and other critical pages to make sure they display correctly on both Android and iPhone devices. Remember to pay attention to the sizing of images and graphics, too!

For more tips on how to make your advocacy campaign mobile-friendly, check out the resources at Digital Advocacy Institute.