Using The 'App of the Year' For Your Advocacy Campaign

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Have you been inundated with a plethora of video updates from celebrities like Seth Meyers and Ellen DeGeneres, presidential candidates, journalists, or your friends this year? Well, you must not be alone. The live video streaming app Periscope took off big-time in 2015 - and now it's been named the iPhone App of the Year by Apple.

Periscope has over 10 million users who collectively watch 40 years worth of video on a daily basis. With these kinds of numbers, Apple certainly couldn't ignore the tool. But how can your advocacy organization use the 'App of the Year' in 2016?

  • Twitter owns Periscope, so you can easily integrate your video account with any existing handle you may use. This makes it easy to connect with your advocates who live on either platform. It also allows advocates to find you easily on Periscope.
  • Periscope is also far more interactive than a traditional webinar or livestream. Users can comment on and "like" your broadcast. The tool allows you to reply to questions and comments in one easy-to-use interface. These real-time features make Periscope a truly engaging platform for your audience.
  • What can you broadcast over Periscope? Live events make excellent video material. If your advocacy organization hosts a New Year gala or fundraiser, consider sharing the event over Periscope. Additionally, it works well for Q&A sessions. Use the tool to give your advocates a chance to meet the staff or ask your founder questions.

While still a young tool, the fame that comes along with being named 'App of the Year' will no doubt spur Periscope's growth across all industries. And, although it probably won't replace traditional webinars, it could create a whole new world of advocacy livestreaming. Will your organization use Periscope? Have you tried it already? Tell us in the comments. And, for more resources on digital engagement, be sure to check out the Digital Advocacy Institute.