And The Winner Is...2015's Top Digital Moments

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I am an awards season junkie. The Golden Globes, Oscars, SAG Awards, Emmys...the list goes on and on. I swoon over elegant gowns, question whether I could pull off a red lip and cry over the scene in that one movie everyone has seen. It's also the time of year when brands show their stuff on Twitter by creating real-time quips that add to the social conversation. From Charmin to Oreo, I'm always in awe of their digital prowess.

In celebration of the season, I've gathered a few digital moments from 2015 that I think would take home the trophy:

Like A Girl Campaign

With the hashtag #LikeAGirl, the Always brand challenged gender norms by asking people to change their perception of what it means to "act like a girl." The videos spread all over social media, showing young kids giving positive representations of how to run, throw and punch like a girl. We all remember this video, right? That's because ad recall from those who saw it was 47 percent and brand linkage was 59 percent. With 76 million views globally, it claims the award of "most watched video in Procter & Gamble history".

TOMS #withoutshoes on Instagram

In May 2015, TOMS Shoes piggybacked on an Instagram trend - users were taking photos of themselves looking down at their bare feet. The simple idea blossomed of TOMS donating a pair of shoes whenever someone posted this type of Instagram photo with the hashtag #withoutshoes. The campaign resulted in the donation of 296,243 pairs of shoes. I'd probably give it the "simplest, but most effective" award.

Hillary Clinton's Snapchat Stories

Critics sometimes say Hillary Clinton is inaccessible and too controlled. Her digital campaign took steps to combat this image using Snapchat this summer - and it worked! Andy White, director of social business strategy at Sprout Social, says, "Hillary's Snapchat stories succeed brilliantly because they humanize her character and her brand better than 100 stump speeches ever could." Plus, who could ever forget her joke about how snaps, unlike email, disappear on their own? *Snaps* for Hillary!

Turkish Airlines Periscope

As we know, Periscope is the cool new kid on the block. Turkish Airlines has been upping its social media game recently and decided to be the first to Periscope a flight. Viewers were along for the ride from Istanbul to New York and saw things such as flight preparations and behind the scenes footage of the airline crew. Most importantly, this live flight was synced with some awesome promoted tweets. It became a full-on barrage of digital media!

I still have one question - who would host this digital awards show? I'm not sure I could write a funny monologue, but maybe Chris Rock is available.