Making Your Webinar Wow



The stage is set. The lights are dim. The audience members hush. And then it begins! I don't mean the latest Broadway play. (Although, of course, I do love Hamilton.) Instead, I'm talking about the excitement that comes with webinars!

Webinars continue to grow in popularity. And for good reason. At the Digital Advocacy Institute, we find considerable value in hosting webinars. So what makes webinars so powerful?

They allow you to connect with your advocates in real-time and in-person. And your advocates can put a voice (and sometimes a face) to your mission. Adding another layer of personality to your advocacy organization helps you keep advocates engaged and interested in the future.

Webinars also create a unique space for you to share your research, insights and stories. With the right visuals and presentation tools, your webinar provides a digital niche that you can't find through social media or a blog.

So, you know you want to host a webinar. But how do you make it successful? Here are 4 tips to make your webinar "wow" your audience.

  1. Stick the Landing: Before you launch your webinar, make sure you create a landing page for it. This should include the registration page for your webinar and give visitors information about the topic. What will attendees learn? What skills will they get from attending? Provide some bullet points that entice people to join your webinar.
  2. Don't Slip on your Slides: Keep your slides clean and use visuals to tell your story. Overly complicated slides confuse your audience and may drive them away. Your slides should rely more on images than text. Very visual slides make happy attendees.
  3. Can You Hear Me Now? Good: No one likes a webinar where you can't hear the presenter. It may seem obvious, but don't forget to test your sound quality before you begin. Choose a quiet location, away from distractions so you and your participants can stay focused.
  4. Knock Knock: Nothing livens up a webinar like a joke or two. Whether you build a meme into your slides or throw in a pun, humor can inject individuality into your webinar and encourage your advocates to come back for more.

Webinars may seem daunting, but they give you a chance to educate your advocates and create a personal connection. They're also a way for you to reach out to more people.

Have you tried hosting a webinar in the past? What tips and tricks do you have for making it a success? Tell us in the comments! And, for more information on connecting with your advocates online, check out the Digital Advocacy Institute.