Advocating While Away

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Just picture it: sitting under a shady palm tree, a drink with a tiny umbrella in your hand, a book in your lap, and no work in sight.

Everyone needs to step away from the hustle and bustle of the office, but that doesn't mean your organizations' social channels should go silent. With careful planning, you can take a vacation without checking your work email or sending a tweet, all while avoiding a social summertime slump.

Here's how to stay active on social media even while you're away:

  1. Pre-draft your content. We've discussed the power of creating an editorial calendar in previous posts; now is the perfect time to refer to your editorial themes and start drafting your messages well in advance! Avoid anything too controversial because, remember, you won't be able to monitor the conversation from your cruise.
  2. Schedule your posts. There are a lot of social media tools that make it easy to schedule your content. Utilizing scheduling tools ensure you stay active online and keep your audience engaged.
  3. Phone a Friend. You don't need to jeopardize your social media presence by taking a break. Before you leave, run through your content schedule and current platforms with a colleague. They can take the lead and monitor your organization's accounts.
  4. Communicate your crisis plan. If you feel particularly anxious about stepping away, set up a plan for your office to get in touch with you. This way, if something goes awry, you can be reached to help manage the response. Additionally, make sure you've communicated your crisis response plan if your organization needs to acknowledge an event or if someone makes a mistake on your channels.

Social media shouldn't prevent you from going on vacation. By following these steps, you should be able to enjoy your break while your advocates enjoy the digital conversation. How do you prepare for time off as a digital community manager? Share your tips in the comments and we'll add them to the Digital Advocacy Institute resources.