Change How You Use Instagram for Digital Advocacy

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Have you ever felt like you just got the hang of something and then the rules changed? As an Instagram lover, the last few months have been a digital rollercoaster. With changes come improvements, and the latest updates have advocacy folks wondering how to best use this platform for upcoming campaigns.

Two of the biggest changes for nonprofits and advocacy organizations are Instagram's new algorithm and its new feature - Stories. What do these changes mean for you?

Like Facebook, Instagram now organizes your feed based on posts it thinks you want to see, not chronologically. This new algorithm is all about engagement. Users who have engaged with your content in the past are more likely to see it at the top of their feed. This change is good news for your content. The algorithm puts your posts in front of advocates who really want to see them!

Here are some tips for amplifying your content within the new algorithm:

  • Ask for action. There's no better way to increase engagement than asking your advocates to like, share, or comment. Adding a call to action to your post can bring you to the top of their feeds.
  • Aim for quality, not quantity. In the past, you needed to post fairly frequently to make sure your followers didn't miss your content. Now, the focus should be on producing engaging images and videos so users interact with your content.
  • Always test. Testing is the best way to ensure your content makes the most impact. Play around with frequency, calls to action and visuals to find what works best for you.

Will you use Instagram Stories? Have you seen your engagement levels increase since Instagram changed its feed? Tweet @Modernmeds and tell us about it! And, for additional IG insight, read our Gramming for a Cause blog for tips on creating compelling Instagram content.