Casting a Ballot for Advocacy



I consider myself a political junkie, but even I can get sick of the nonstop coverage during election season. And, as we get closer to election day, it will only increase. No matter what side of the aisle you sit, everyone can agree that exercising your right to vote is critical.

For advocacy organizations, an election year serves as a unique opportunity for mobilizing your advocates and raising the profile of your causes and issues. Your ballots have power - encourage your advocates to get involved in the process! What's the best way to ensure your advocates vote this year? Hosting a voter registration drive.

Voter registration events are a great way to connect with individuals and meet potential advocates. You can increase your organization's visibility while taking part in the political process. If hosting another event seems like too big of a lift for your staff alone, consider partnering with another organization. Here are some additional tips for hosting a successful drive:

  • Publicize your drive through your social media channels, website and blog. Encourage your advocates to spread the word and find a place with heavy foot traffic for your event.
  • Print out plenty of voter registration forms and bring enough clipboards and pens.
  • Train your volunteers and staff to answer common voting FAQs.
  • Like any event, put your best foot forward. Make your signage clear and ask your team to be friendly.

Have you hosted a registration drive in the past? We want to hear about it! Share your tips in the comments below. And for more information on public policy advocacy, check out the resources at the Digital Advocacy Institute.