Webinar: Telling a Story Lawmakers Won't Forget

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People may forget the facts, but they'll always remember a good story.

For thousands of years, stories have connected us with others who've once experienced our very same challenges. By helping us look back on the past for wisdom, appreciate the present, and work to change the future, stories are the building blocks of advocacy.

As advocates, your personal message can provide a powerful tool to help lawmakers better understand the impact of health care legislation each and every day.

By telling your story, you can help take us one step closer to a healthier tomorrow. But how do you tell a story that will be heard - and remembered - for years to come?

On December 10, join the Digital Advocacy Institute for a webinar on advocacy storytelling: How to Create Stories to Move the Hearts, Minds and VOTES of Lawmakers. The webinar will walk us through the 7 key elements needed for a successful policy message, sharing with us today's best practices and the know-how needed to tell a compelling story that will bring lawmakers to action.

Want to know more about how to tell a story that can change the future of health care advocacy? Register today and join the #weadv conversation!