Picture Perfect: Infographics in Advocacy Campaigns



Sometimes you have to think "big picture" in order to get your message across to your target audience. That's why attention-grabbing infographics play such an important role in a successful advocacy campaign -- they cut through the noise and help you engage with your supporters. Think of them as the best of both worlds: you can display complex information, but in a straightforward and memorable way.

So how exactly do infographics help boost your organization's mission? For starters, they make your message more succinct by simplifying big ideas. Few people would rather dig through complex data than have an image tell them the story. They also offer an advantage when it comes to social media, as you can break them into smaller graphics that work on a variety of different platforms and drive traffic back to your digital hub.

Take a look at some tips on how to use infographics in your organization's advocacy campaign:

Plan ahead. For the sake of time and resources, it's important to nail down the goal or message you want to portray in your infographic as early as possible. What information do you want people to get out of this piece and, more importantly, what do you want them to do with it? Infographics offer a great opportunity for calls to action or referring supporters back to your website.

Work up a brainstorm. There's never a better time to think outside the box than when you're in the beginning stages of planning your infographic. If you're feeling stuck in the weeds and need inspiration, a quick internet search will turn up tons of great examples of advocacy-focused infographics. You should also consult with designers along the way to help you flesh out your idea.

Get the facts on your side. The best infographics have solid data to back them up. Sometimes, this can mean looking outside your organization for the best facts and figures to include in your message. Even the most eye-catching design can't save an infographic built on shaky information.

Following these tips will help you create a compelling infographic that will make a great addition to your digital toolkit and can be maximized to increase engagement on all your social channels. For more resources on digital engagement, check out the Digital Advocacy Institute's website.