Let's Talk Minority Health

We're a few weeks into April, and National Minority Health Month is in full swing! This awareness month is an opportunity for all of us to realize the responsibility we share in improving public health in the United States. Before we can rid our society of the disparities that still exist in health quality and access to care, we must first recognize and understand them. So, if you want to learn more about progress and problems surrounding health equity, you've come to the right place. Here are just a few of our recent discussions on the state of minority health in our country, how we can create change through effective policy and what some of our partners are doing to help. Take a look!


Thanks to modern medical innovation, most Americans have the opportunity to lead longer, healthier lives than previously thought possible. However, minority communities continuously face barriers to basic health needs such as medicines and preventive care. For example, though minorities account for just one third of our population, they represent more than half of Americans who lack health insurance. I recently explored the meaning of health equity and how we can achieve better health care for all Americans.


Health disparities refer to variations in health care access or different rates of disease amongst different groups of people. Giving everyone the chance they deserve to reach their full potential starts by eliminating health disparities in all our communities. This discussion examines how public policies can reduce health disparities and promote more equitable access to health care across the board.


Minority populations account for one-third of the U.S. population, but make up a staggering percentage of those Americans who still lack health insurance. See how many of our CMM coalition members work every day to make sure that Americans of all backgrounds and origins have access to the medicines they need.

Want to learn more? Throughout the month and beyond, be sure to check back in with us here on our blog or on Twitter at @ModernMeds to get updates and read more discussions on what's being done to make real health equity a reality for millions of Americans.