Podcasting Into the Great Unknown

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Do you consider yourself a podcast aficionado? From Serial with my morning cereal to Startup on my drive home, I love podcasts and listen to them frequently. It turns out, so do millions of other Americans.

In January 2015, 17% of Americans had listened to a podcast in the past month. In fact, the number of people listing to podcasts has nearly doubled since 2008. We live in the Golden Age of Podcasting, a renaissance where millions of us consume our information through podcasts. And, your advocacy organization can take advantage of this trend!

At the Digital Advocacy Institute, we talk a lot about the power of storytelling. A story helps your message resonate and connect with lawmakers and advocates alike. While a person quickly forgets facts and figures, a story sticks in their brain.

What better format to share your advocacy story than with a podcast? Many people connect more with audio than written words alone. Plus, the informal nature of a podcast means you can take a conversational tone and truly talk with your advocates.

Podcasting presents a unique opportunity for you to repurpose your existing resources and generate new content. Whether you want to release a podcast every month or every week, I guarantee you have content for your episodes. Don't believe me? What about:

  • An episode with your CEO
  • An interview with an individual who has been positively impacted by your work
  • 5 lessons you learned from planning a Lobby Day
  • How to grow an advocacy based email list
  • Ask an employee or volunteer to record a "day in the life" episode, giving your audience a behind-the-scenes peek at your organization

If those don't spark your interest, you already have your podcast content planned in your editorial calendar. Use that as a jumping off point for outlining your first round of episodes!

The rising popularity of podcasts begs for advocacy leaders like you to jump on your figurative surfboard and ride the podcast wave. There are plenty of topical fish for you to discuss on your podcast. Have you tried podcasting? Tell us about it in the comments. And don't forget to get more advocacy insights at the Digital Advocacy Institute.