101 Advocacy Roundup

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With so many digital developments, social media managers, beginners and veterans alike can feel overwhelmed. What works best for each platform now? Do you really need to use Snapchat after all? And remind me what Facebook's new reactions look like?

We answer these questions and more with every Digital Advocacy Institute blog. With lots of big changes over the past few months, we've compiled some of our most recent blogs to help you better navigate the shifting digital landscape:

  • To Be, Or Not To Be...In Character: Before you start posting, take some time to develop your voice. Your organization needs an online personality. Use this blog to identify, test and hone your digital tone.
  • Change How You Use Instagram for Digital Advocacy: Instagram has recently undergone a lot of changes. Familiarizing yourself with these updates can boost your engagement and presence.
  • Back to Basics - Email Campaigns: Emails remain a key part of digital advocacy and stakeholder outreach. How do you incorporate this tried and true tactic into your digital strategy? This blog gives you tips on ensuring your emails make a big impact.
  • Leveraging Snapchat For Advocacy: Many organizations are dipping their toes into the Snapchat pool. Before you dive in, this blog lays out the basics of Snapchat and how you can make it work for your advocacy efforts.

Of course, digital never stops moving and more changes are likely on the way. What do you predict will be the next social media shake up? Tell us in the comments or tweet us, @Modernmeds, with your guesses.