4 Steps to #GivingTuesday Success

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Can you believe Giving Tuesday is less than a month away? Over the past four years, this national day of giving has seen exponential growth. Last year alone, nonprofits raised more than $116,000,000! So, how can you tap into the #GivingTuesday buzz? How can you make this Giving Tuesday a fundraising success for your advocacy organization? Here are four steps to help guide you and your team:

  1. Start planning now. Your first step begins with acknowledging benchmarks and setting realistic goals. Without clear goals, you won't know if you succeed! With your goals in mind, next up is creating a game plan. This includes determining a point person and assembling your team. Don't forget to start developing any creative assets you want to use!
  2. Draft your content early. Creating an editorial calendar and drafting your content now gives you time to monitor and interact with your audience on Giving Tuesday. It's time to start crafting content for all your social media platforms, as well as your website.

    Having each channel in sync will help amplify your presence. Using an automated scheduling tool, such as Hootsuite, to proactively prepare your Giving Tuesday content, gives you more time to interact with your audience on the actual day of giving.

  3. Monitor engagement in real-time. Now that you've set your goals and planned your content, it's time to monitor participation! Creating a personal connection with your audience will help you establish long-lasting relationships. Assign a point person in charge of monitoring during the day.

    Monitoring does not require constant contact with your computer screen; instead you need an understanding of what's going on in the overall online environment. This is also the perfect time to amplify the messaging of any influencers or organizational partners.

  4. Thank your audience. Once your fundraising efforts are complete, say thank you to your advocates. Especially with short-term campaigns, a follow-up email thanking donors helps establish a relationship and build your donor base.

By thinking through your Giving Tuesday strategy, you can create a better donation experience for your advocates. And, this lays the foundation for fruitful relationships. So, what are your plans for Giving Tuesday? Tell us in the comments! For more tips, visit the Digital Advocacy Institute.