3 Trends for Digital Advocacy in 2017



Fall is my favorite time of year. I love eating pumpkin-spiced treats, picking apples, and making 2017 predictions! I know it seems early, but success in digital advocacy means staying ahead of the curve. So, what does next year have in store for us?
I pulled out my crystal ball (I'm dressing up as a fortune teller for Halloween), and looked into the future.

  1. Even More Live Video. From Periscope to Facebook Live, more platforms continue to offer ways to tell stories in real-time with live video. These tools work great for your advocacy events and gatherings. Using these streaming services can add to your authenticity by giving your advocates an unfiltered view into your organization. With a new ability to use a wide array of professional devices and services to capture this content, I can only assume it will grow in popularity.
  2. Rising Influence of Influencers. Did you know 49% of Twitter users rely on recommendations from influencers? Turning influencers into advocates can boost your reach and grow your audience. If you have any influencers in your audience, don't be afraid to reach out to them directly and see if they will amplify your next fundraising campaign.
  3. Telling a better story. Content wears the crown in the digital world. As the Internet grows more crowded, it becomes more difficult to stand out. To get someone's attention, you need a compelling story. And, to really engage advocates, you need an eye-catching visual element. Whether you use an infographic or an animation, you must incorporate creative assets into your tale. Even Twitter is highlighting the importance of "content discovery" moving forward, a decision that will likely drive trends on other social platforms.

What do you think will be the big changes in 2017? How do you see digital advocacy developing in the coming year? Share your thoughts on Twitter with @Modernmeds.
And, for tips on how to prepare for social media changes, explore the resources at the Digital Advocacy Institute.